Released on 1 July, 2021

The Authority Gap

Guardian ‘best politics book of the year’
Times ‘best philosophy and ideas book of the year’
A Waterstones ‘best political book of the year’
Highly Commended, Business Book Awards 2022

Deeply researched, profoundly thoughtful and a book very much for the here and now: Mary Ann Sieghart’s The Authority Gap is the book she was probably born to write. It is both a warning tract for bombastic, dismissive men, and a cheerful manual for all ambitious women.”Andrew Marr

The Authority Gap provides a startling perspective on the unseen bias at work in our everyday lives, to reveal the scale of the gap that still persists between men and women. Marshalling a wealth of data with precision and insight, and including interviews with pioneering women such as Baroness Hale, Mary Beard and Bernadine Evaristo, this is a fresh feminist take on how to address and counteract systemic sexism in ways that benefit us all.


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"Profoundly thoughtful."

Andrew Marr

"Hugely exciting."

Emily Maitlis

"A brilliant manifesto."

Philippa Perry

"You have to read this."

Daniel Finkelstein

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Mary Ann is an accomplished public speaker, who – as well as her TED talk in Atlanta – has given keynote speeches and fireside chats at over 100 big organisations, including Lloyd’s of London, Amazon, Boston Consultancy Group, JPMorgan, UBS, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Omnicom, PwC, the International Maritime Organization, Accenture, De Beers, Deloitte and the Metropolitan Police.

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Mary Ann Sieghart Consultancy


Mary Ann Sieghart and her colleagues can come into your business or organisation, assess the extent of the authority gap there and help you to find ways of narrowing it. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, talks, workshops and training, they can teach you how to address this problem and institute ways in which you can track your progress towards eliminating the gap.

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About Mary Ann

Journalist, author, public speaker, consultant, non-executive director, broadcaster

Mary Ann Sieghart is author of the best-selling book, The Authority Gap: Why Women Are Still Taken Less Seriously Than Men, and What We Can Do About it. She spent 20 years as Assistant Editor and columnist at The Times and won a large following for her columns on politics, economics, feminism, parenthood and life in general. She has presented many programmes on BBC Radio 4, such as Start the Week, Profile, Analysis, Fallout and One to One. She chaired the revival of The Brains Trust on BBC2 and recently spent a year as a Visiting Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. She has chaired the Social Market Foundation think tank, is a Visiting Professor at King’s College London, and sits on numerous boards. She was Chair of the judges for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2022.

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Mary Ann Sieghart