September 2021 / Appearances

In conversation with Cherie Blair

Event at the How To Academy

September 2021 / Appearances Podcasts

Sarah Vine’s Femail Half Hour

Episode of Sarah Vine's podcast

August 2021 / Articles

Continuing gender bias in leadership roles undermines us all

Featured in Perspective magazine

August 2021 / Articles

Captivating account of how sexism is still rife

Review in The Irish Independent

August 2021 / Appearances Radio

Interview with Emma Barnett on Woman’s Hour

Interview on Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4

August 2021 / Appearances Podcasts

Difficult Women podcast with Rachel Johnson

Episode of Difficult Women podcast

August 2021 / Radio

Speak Up: BBC Radio 4 documentary

Broadcast on BBC Radio 4

August 2021 / Articles

The week in audio

Review in The Observer

July 2021 / Appearances Podcasts

Monocle Reads Meet the Writers podcast

Episode of Meet the Writers podcast

July 2021 / Appearances Podcasts

Spectator Podcast interview with Sam Leith

Episode of The Spectator's Book Club podcast

July 2021 / Articles

A woman’s favourite position?

Review in the Daily Mail

July 2021 / Appearances Podcasts

Today in Focus podcast

Episode of The Guardian podcast

July 2021 / Articles

Why men are still on top

Review in the Guardian

July 2021 / Articles

Recommended in FT Business Books

Featured in the Financial Times

July 2021 / Articles

“You’re a busy little girl!”

Article in the Daily Mail

July 2021 / Appearances

In conversation with Amber Rudd

Women in Journalism event

July 2021 / Articles

How can I close the authority gap?

Article in Harper's Bazaar

July 2021 / Articles

What do we do about the authority gap?

Article on Noon website