Public Speaking

Mary Ann is an accomplished public speaker, who – as well as her TED talk in Atlanta – has given keynote speeches and fireside chats at over 100 big organisations, including Lloyd’s of London, Amazon, Boston Consultancy Group, JPMorgan, UBS, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Omnicom, PwC, the International Maritime Organization, Accenture, De Beers, Deloitte and the Metropolitan Police.

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Watch her TED talk

TED Talk: Why are women still taken less seriously than men?

Mary Ann Sieghart Ted Talk

Client feedback

“The session with Mary Ann Sieghart today was just amazing! I’ve worked in JPMorgan for 16 years and I don’t think I’ve ever had a webinar that resonated with me as much. An excellent session, really thought provoking.”


“We’ve had sensational feedback on the event already and the topic has got people talking and quite a few people asking if we had any extra copies of The Authority Gap to pass on to their colleagues. One head of trading has suggested we send copies to our clients as Christmas presents!”


“This was the most popular event Lloyd’s has had in the last two years. I was really struck by how much it resonated with many of our attendees and inspired much heartfelt conversation afterwards.”

Lloyd's of London

“A truly fantastic talk - we have already received a plethora of positive feedback remarking how informative and inspirational it was!”

Morgan Stanley

“We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback received – with one manager commenting, ‘One of the best IDE events I have attended in all my years at KPMG.”


“Mary Ann was quite simply outstanding. Thought provoking, with lots of evidence and examples and solutions.”

Wellington College

“The event went brilliantly this afternoon. We have had reports of lots of conversations taking place around our various offices and requests for additional copies of her book!”


“Mary Ann was absolutely fantastic. We have received such great feedback.”